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You can’t just list it and forget it: Marketing a home in 2016

If you’re working with a quality agent, they won’t just put your house up on a real estate site and call it a day. They’ll create an entire marketing campaign for your home, covering everything from your home’s unique selling proposition to positioning your home in the market to defining and reaching your target market.

That could take you hours, if not days, of homework.

Richard Paz, a top real estate agent in Miami Beach who sells more than 8 times more homes than the average agent in the same area, notes,

“Targeting the right audience is crucial. One of my clients has a condo that’s on a canal with a boat slip, right across the street from the beach.

With a property like that, we’ll be targeting boaters as buyers — people who own a boat, or live in a waterfront home somewhere else and want to downsize, but still keep their homes close to them.

So, we’ll advertise at boat shows, in boating-related publications, use social media advertising to target boat owners looking for homes — things like that.”

Marketing a home effectively requires not just knowledge of up-to-date marketing techniques and strategies (can you run a targeted Facebook ad campaign?), but again, the time to implement those techniques.

For example, in 2014, 42% of owners selling their homes were marketing it via yard signs (and 25% weren’t actively marketing at all). But only 9% of buyers found the home they purchased via yard signs.

That just goes to show how out of touch most homeowners are with what actually gets a home sold these days.


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