Q&A: 2016 kitchen trends!


1. How would you describe the kitchen styles for 2016? 

Kitchen and living spaces are continuing to blend. In 2016, kitchens will require a design that merges inside and outside spaces and caters to the practical and aesthetic needs of these new living zones. New opportunities and challenges will continue to arise from appliance innovations, which are forever reshuffling the possibilities of kitchen joinery.

2. What colors will be popular and how will they be integrated into kitchen designs?

Light veneers, exposed timber and ceramic whites are all set to complement sunset and forest tones. Cantilever Interiors use a predominantly white palette with timber highlights. We believe this offers a calm backdrop for a client to accommodate shifting tastes over time – it allows them to personalize their kitchen with home wares and wall color. Occasional inclusions of color, in two-pack spray finish or laminate, can work in a block of cabinetry, as can be seen in our K2 Range.

Splash backs provide a range of options for introducing color and integrating bench top materials, such as glass or tiles. A beautiful array of tiles using geometric shapes and multi-faceted surfaces also create subtle shades of color.

With increasing open-shelving options, easy-to-access decorative storage containers and jars introduce color and function. A growing array of colorful fixtures and appliances are also on offer, providing a simple way to flavor your kitchen.

3. What new looks can we expect to see in bench tops and cabinetry? 

New bench top finishes, such as Dekton and Neolith, have many great qualities. They can be used externally, such as around a BBQ, or extend through a window, offering a brilliant way to transition to outdoor entertaining areas. They also offer a variety of colors and textures, including matte grey and neutral.

Integrated workstations behind doors also offer an easily accessible hideaway for frequently used appliances, keeping bench tops free.

4. What will be popular in terms of lighting?

The enduring popularity of mid-century pendant lighting has prompted a resurgence in new pendant lighting design and the exploration of metallic, matte ceramic and colored glass finishes.

Cluster lighting – using a group of pendant lights in a unique cluster arrangement – can be used to great effect when different colors, materials or tones are used. Integrated LED lighting in joinery is also becoming increasingly popular. Using lighting inside a pantry space and underneath overhead cabinetry also offers task-oriented lighting solutions.

5. Which kitchen trends from 2015 are done & dusted? 

I can think of three! Waterfall bench tops, black kitchens and glossy kitchens.

6. What is one inexpensive way we can update our cooking zones right now?

Large leafy greenery and hanging plants are a simple way to bring new life to your kitchen.


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