You’re selling your home! You’ve selected your Realtor! The next step is…

Determine the Sale Price

Sale price is often the biggest hurdle for sellers to overcome when preparing to put their home on the market. Unfortunately, variables such as what you paid for it, how much you spent on upgrades and how much income you need from the sale of your home in order to make your next purchase cannot factor into the sale price.

Rather, to sell your home quickly, you’ll need to focus on pricing it fairly according to its current market value. Most qualified real estate agents will help you determine your property’s market value by following a two-step process.

First, they should visit your home to get a feel for its condition, size and any upgrades or extra amenities. Then, they should perform a comparative market analysis (or CMA) — wherein they look at similar homes in your area that are either on the market or have recently sold — to see how your home stacks up.

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